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The Most Beautiful Hair Is Healthy Hair!

It is gratifying to know that although there are many things in life that we cannot change, then regardless of hair type, colour or length, the health and appearance of hair is primarily the result of informed choices and care habits.   If you are dreaming of silky smooth, soft and beautifully shiny hair, we recommend […]

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What Everyone Should Know About Using Hair Oils

Hair oils are your hair’s best friends for several reasons. Hair oils with dozens of beneficial caring properties are excellent hair condition boosters that restore softness, smoothness and shine to dry and brittle hair. One of the main benefits of oils is the fatty acids that replace lipids in the hair. Lack of lipids is […]

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Detangle Your Life With RICH Satin Touch Detangling Brush

This nifty little brush is the perfect solution for hair that’s prone to annoying knots and tangles. Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably within the palm of your hand, the brush features bristles that glide effortlessly through knotty hair without snagging or pulling. Plus, the bristles are anti-static to reduce the build-up of frizz and fly-aways. […]

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How To Maintain Coloured Hair?

Ten easy tips for maintaining colour-treated hair: 1. Use shampoos and conditioners formulated for coloured hair. 2. Shampoo less often, every 3-4 days, using sulfate-free products. 3. Always use a deep conditioner once a week. 4. Try to air-dry your hair, rather than using a blow dryer. 5. Avoid heat (curling irons and flat irons) […]

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The Secret To Stronger and Longer Hair

RICH´s new Repairing Collagen Collection is inspired by the needs of customers who are concerned about weak and brittle hair that is prone to breakage. What causes hair breakage? Hair can become brittle due to combing, styling, the use of hot styling tools, and chemical treatments (including coloring). The material of the pillowcase can also […]

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Is Your Hair Lacking Volume?

If your hair appears flat, limp, or lacks body and texture, then it may be lacking volume. In order to add volume to your hair, always try using products from the volumising range, opposed to the moisture or colour fade ranges. With the right combination of products and techniques, you can have voluminous, lush hair […]

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