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Julia Stegner

One of RICH's favorite celebrity hairstylists Felix Fischer (@felixfischerhair) shares the secrets to his magic. Here's his step-by-step with gorgeous Julia Stegner (@juliastegner). Photos by Russel James. Enjoy.   

- I used the MIRACLE RENEW CC SHAMPOO and the MIRACLE RENEW CC CONDITIONER to give the hair the perfect base and hydration. (Shampooing and care is the key to the perfect hairstyle).

- I sectioned the hair from ear to ear and forehead to neck, and started to apply the INTENSIVE VOLUME SPRAY in about 1 inch sections to the roots to create volume.

- To protect the hair from heat damage and static, and to add weightless shine, I used the MAXIMUM BRILLIANCE PROTECT & SHINE SPRAY on the whole hair.

- Blow-drying - I start with 1/2 inch wide section around the face.  Blow-dry that small band with a medium round brush pulling the hair  towards the nose.  

- Do not add volume. Keep it as flat and straight as possible. This is very important, this creates the shape and makes it look cool.
- Then work inch by inch in the same matter till you reach the back of the ear (always section ear to ear).

- Tilt the head slightly forward and dry the rest of the hair using your fingers in an upward action (keep the natural movement of the hair).

- Preheat a 3/4 inch barrel. 

- Part hair in 1 inch sections stating in the neck area. 

- Spray each stand with RICH HAIRSPRAY and wave hair in a vertical action. Leave out the ends to create the undone bed-hair look. 

- Brush hair with your fingers and apply RICH SHINE SPRAY and a few drops of RICH ARGAN OIL ELIXIR.

- Finish the look with RICH HAIRSPRAY.


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