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Felix Fisher

Fancy delving into the life of an A-list celebrity hair stylist? Well, thanks to RICH, you can!

New York-based stylist Felix Fisher is a dear friend of ours and a huge fan of RICH products! We’ve been showcasing a lot of his work and thought it was about time we caught up with the 'style guru’ who's shaping the hair of A-Listers around the world! We’ll be sharing our full interview with you shortly but here’s a little teaser to get you excited!

What is it like to work with the A-list celebrities? 
It’s nice. They are human beings like everyone else. There are lovely ones, and some – although very few – are less charming, but that’s the same on any subway train. 

What do your celeb clients think of RICH? Can you share any gossip with us? 
Whenever I work with RICH on celebrities they ask me what it is I am using. The smell and the texture of the products makes them curious to find out more about the brand. 

Summer 2016 is on the horizon, so what hair trends should we be following and how do we achieve them? 
The hair currently should look effortless. It comes in all different lengths and colors, curls or straight. There is no such thing as a must-have-haircut anymore. 

What’s on your agenda over the coming months and how can we follow your adventures? 
I am an avid Instagram and Facebook user, I also like Periscope ... so whoever follows me there will automatically see what I am doing and where I am!

You can follow Felix on:
Instagram: @felixfischerhair 


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